Road Trips

roadtripRoad trips, in my opinion, are one of the true pleasures we can experience.  I often find myself bored out of my mind with small town life.  When you’re short on cash like I am most of the time but in need of a great release, or some new scenery or just a nice ride to ease the tensions road trips are the simple solution.

I spent this week in Indianapolis Indiana at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown for a business conference.  Living in Tennessee it was a logical choice to simply drive there. I am very lucky in the fact that the people I work with at the office I have worked with for almost ten years so we all like family, so a couple of the guys and I opted to rent a big vehicle and drive.

The drive was not long and the weather going and coming back was vey nice.  Clear skies, good company and a light workload added up to one of the best road trips I have ever had.  I enjoyed myself immensly and had a great time.

To my buddies Mike and Jamie, thanks for a great conference and a fantastic road trip.  Cheers!


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