Top 10 xmas gifts I won’t get in 2008.

When you have a family, the holidays usually end up being all about your children, family and friends more so than yourself.  I believe thats the way it really should be.  Although I don’t really enjoy torturing myself, I do like to force myself to realize that there are differences between what one wants and what one needs.  This all adds up to my usual mental list of the things I really WANT as opposed to what i will probably get for xmas.  I will list them in order from “I would give anything for that” to “boy having that would be nice” along with my reasons.

1. an XBOX 360 Pro system
– I have wanted one of these since they came out.
– They have really come down in price.
– Many great games for it.

2. Upconverting DVD player
– I will be able to watch better quality movies on my HDTV without buying a whole new DVD collection.
– They ALSO have a really low in price this year.
– I have no DVD player in my bedroom where my HDTV is.

3. A new CD player for my car that plays MP3s right off the disk.
– This will save me from having to burn CDs constantly for listening in my car
– I would not have to change CDs as often since you can fit 300 MP3s on a disk instaed of 20 songs.

4. The Complete Starwars DVD set (do i need a reason here c’mon?)

5. The Complete Lord of the Rings DVD set (um ditto?)

6. A sewing machine
– Yeah I know kinda non-masculin BUT I can sew well, and could sew more if I had one.

7. Cash Money
– lotta bills’nuff said

8. Ipod touch
– i listen to a lot of music plus they are cool!

9. New Batteries for my craftsman C3 Tools
– I use them around my house.
– i use them when doing yard work

10. A Z-guage Train set
– No real reason, just pure childlike desire for what you really can not have.

I am sure i will get one or two great gifts this year. As I hope all my friends and family do also.


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