try not einstein

Do or Do not..there is no TRY

try not einstein    I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with a very interesting fellow today.  I won’t put his name out there because folks deserve theirprivacy.  I was introduced to this guy through an old friend originally for a business discussion.  I have had hundreds of these meetings and like sales, many don’t pan out and become reality.  I am always prepared for anything but I was not prepared for what I encountered.

This gentleman seemed immediately like a kindred soul as he was a larger person, like myself, and seemed to be very funny and engaging.  I immediately liked him and we all set about discussing his desired endeavor.  Dealing in web design and graphic development I have heard a lot of fantastic business ideas that just need a “website” to get the thing started.  I listened intently as he spelled out his needs.  It became evident right away that this was more to this joe than just a business venture.  This was a passion.

After the pitch, I always have a standard barrage of questions that I ask of any prospective client (after getting burned several times in the past).  I always ask a key question.  “Are you prepared for this investment to fail?”  the normal response that I get is “oh it won’t fail its a sure thing” or it’s greatest thing since sliced bread” and the oft annoying ” its the next wheel”, and so on.  Well not this time.

My new acquaintance thought for a moment and then casually answered, “Yes I am, but since this means so much to me, it would be worse for me NOT to try than to try and have it fail.  I have never in 14 years of doing this ever received this kind of answer.  It made me feel an immense respect and admiration for his conviction and wisdom.

You can clearly see that it impacted me.  I don’t always like my job. Hell, who does?  Today I liked my job.  Cheers to you sir.  I look forward to working with you, and I don’t ALWAYS mean that.


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