Teleport errific

teleport star-trek-food-synthesizerWell, this is going to be a silly post about being able to teleport.  I was conversing with a good buddy of mine, Jamie, at the office today and we have come up with the greatest idea EVER!.  I just had to write about it because it will revolutionize the entire world ad we want all the credit.  Now, its based on some pretty wild theoretical quantum fundamentals that aren’t all working just yet, but hey you can patent an idea, right?

Imagine if you will, online shopping.  We all do it. Even when you pay the exorbitant price to have an item delivered “next day” that is STILL too slow.  Am I right?  What if, when you ordered an item it simply materialized right next to your computer.  that is, assuming it was a small item.  What a world we would live in.

So the idea is that every computer comes with one of these small teleporter pads that sits right next to your monitor.  You order something and once its approved >>ZZAP<< there it is! Sitting right next to you~!  We already have all the logistics worked out for larger items also.  Anything bigger than the home teleporter pad gets sent to a community teleporter kiosk.  Every community, small city, whatever, will have one.  You still order your item, but instead of having to drive to the UPS or fed ex hub to get it, instead of having to drive hours to the nearest store you just hop out the door and run down to the community Tele-Shop and input a code that was emailed to you after your online purchase and >>ZZIZZZLE<< there is your item in all its glory!!

I know this is all wishful thinking.  Hell this may not even be an original idea but it made jamie and I laugh thinking about it and I thought I would share.  Cheers!


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