The Shield of Anonymity

internet anonymity

    Isn’t it just amazing how people that are meek as sheep when you look then dead in the eye can, oh so easily, turn into vicious hyenas when they are hidden behind the veil of anonymity that an instant messenger, social website, or even a simple telephone provides?  Working constantly in, what could be termed, a customer service industry almost my entire working career has given me some pretty unique insight into this ever evolving behavior.

    I talk to an average of 25 people a day on teh telephone, as that’s what I do.  I design websites, do graphical design and do technical support for computers and networks. I have had the same job for nearly 10 years now and have had the pleasure of dealing with people on both sides of the proverbial coin.

Chatting with folks on the phone they can be callous, cold, curt, blunt, and downright mean.  When you see them in person at lest say, a user conference which I have to teach at several times a year you meet these same people and they are polite, kind and eerily nice.  Strange don’t you think?

This is not just limited behavior to my industry.  People in general behave this way.  Its my opinion that folks tend to put on a face for public exhibition when they go out, and then behave almost diametrically opposite when they are alone or with a select group of friends.  Its a real shame.  I often feel like I don’t really know anyone.

Take a look around you and see if you don’t see what I am talking about.  If you don’t then maybe your one of the folks I am referring to.  Lets hope you’re the former and not the latter.

BE YOURSELF ALWAYS! (even if no one likes you for it)


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