The Mystery of Cigars or why I like them now

Toran Brand cigarsI have a very good friend that introduced me to cigars. Now, I don’t mean I was oblivious of what a cigar was into my 40s. What I mean is, He shared a cigar with me and explained that he enjoyed them immensely. I have to admit I was not in the LEAST bit interested. I took a puff and thanked him and went on about my business. My mom and dad and brother were all heavy smokers as I was growing up and burning paper, tarry cigarette smoke made me want to barf. What does this all mean? Why a blog post about something I would have every reason to hate?

Well the reason is quite simple. I have changed my mind.

I know cigars like all tobacco products are generally bad for you. What isn’t? Even some water (coughs, Detroit) is bad for you.  Here is what happened.

I am an avid online shopper. I often peruse the deal and coupon sites looking for deals. Sometimes I buy things I really don’t need if it is a really good deal. It’s a bad habit I know. A few months back I landed on a deal that was really too good to pass up. 5 cigars for the low price of one dollar with free shipping too.  The site was Now I bought these because it was a phenomenal deal and I do have the one friend that like cigars.

They arrived and sat in my cabinet for a while and one evening I was bored and curiosity got the better of me. I decided to pull one out and try it again. Alone, in the evening with a nice glass of whisky on ice i smoked it. Well, you can imagine for a buck these cigars were not very good. I did not know that however. What I was more impressed with was the buzz I actually got from smoking it. I would later find out that is normal when you actually smoke one for the first time or until you get used to them.

A week or so later my middle son (I have three) showed up for a weekend visit and wanted to sit out in the backyard by the fire pit and talk.  I offered him one and to my surprise learned that he had smoked several and was familiar with them. We lit up and really enjoyed the experience.

This is what changed my mind. I have since grabbed a few brands and tested them out and found a few I really enjoy. Cohiba, Torano and Acid are really nice. It can be
a bit of an expensive habit as you need to invest in a HUmidor and a few tools like a cutter and torch to make things easier but I think it is worth it. It’s not about the tobacco so much, even though the right brands taste and smell delightful. It is more about the experience, slowing down and being methodical about something and taking your time and enjoying the sights and smells and tastes around you.

I urge you all to slow down and enjoy life. I am really enjoying life now and it seems, cigars also.



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