a positive outlook on life

You know I want to have a positive outlook on life, the universe and everything. I just can’t. It’s true that I don’t really have a lot to complain about. When I think long and hard about it I really have a LOT to be grateful for. I just can’t see the silver lining in anything these days. The economy is in a real slump and its starting to affect my friends. Luckily, it hasn’t impacted me personally (yet) but it’s really making people around me hurt. I just don’t see anything great happening in the world today.I need to think good thoughts and get out of this funk I am in. I will give you a small example. The Grammy’s last night irritated me more that usual, insomuch that a rapper (and a crappy rapper at that) won album of the year. Coldplay, a ridiculously transparent and immature band lacking the talent or charisma of several other artists won several awards. I find that it’s a crying shame that we seem intent on celebrating mediocrity and popularity over true artistry.

I have long felt that the internet, while a wondrous tool for learning is in some ways making us all dumber. That seems to be confirmed in more and more ways. It’s a real shame when business managers take such serious gambles with their lively hood that a quick change in consumer sentiment sends them into immediate bankruptcy and stores close. That tells me that the internet age spawned some really stupid people that made it into the upper echelons of these companies that really had no business sense within them whatsoever. These so called mangers probably had nothing more than a pretentious degree from some school and a good looking face. Yes, it’s sad but that’s really what it seems to take to get a job nowadays.

I just feel like I am surrounded people thousands of people that want everything handed to them on a silver platter and most of them don’t realize that’s not the way it should be. So you see, it’s really a two fold gripe here. I feel like people are getting dumber and more complacent, happy to be hand held through life, AND there just isn’t much good news out there.

I am sure most of this is just me.


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