Synthwave Revolution

synthwaveMost teenagers tend to gravitate towards some genre of music. They tend to keep coming back and enjoying that music all of their lives. I was no different. Synthwave was my music of choice. Tears for fear, Ray Lynch, Alpha Ville, Thompson Twins, and Bronski Beat are all bands that piqued my interest. These are also bands that I still listen to regularly today.

Recently I have found that all these years later Synthwave has made a pretty miraculous comeback. YouTube is just brimming with massive amounts of excellent 80’s style music waiting to set your soul soaring. Retrowave is a musical genre that harnesses the sound, drive and sheer passion of the 80’s. It is a dedicated return to the retro futuristic electro-disco, synthesizers and videos full of bright neon 80’s color-gradients.

Musically, synthwave is often instrumental with futuristic, throbbing, retro synths. You will often hear lots of house influenced heavy, side-chained drums. Inspiration for synthwave comes from a variety of genres that originated in the 1980’s, including synthpop, progressive electronic, Italo-disco, electro-disco and other derivative styles.


Here is a quick list of some of my Synthwave favorites.

Power Glove







Check these links out and when you are done take a stroll over to New Retro Wave.  They are a great group dedicated to getting the word out about this emerging genre of music


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