So I watched the new Star trek…

I was sick a lot last week and with nothing more to do that lay round in bed wallowing in my misery i decided to watch the new star trek movie.  I wont go into details about how i did that from the comfort of my sick bed.  Lets just say that I am a resourceful guy with a really fast Internet connection and leave it at that.
I was very much impressed.  I think of myself as a long time admirer of Gene Roddenberry and a loyal follower of all his sci-fi genius.  J.J. Abrams has done an astonishing job of bringing the Star Trek Cannon full on into both new territory as well as being faithful at the same time to the old guard fans.  I felt every emotion you can imagine watching the film.  It was filled with imagery and acting that reminded me of why I loved Star Trek as well as making me realize just how much I had missed it these long years since a new movie.  Don’t get me wrong it was great enjoying ST The Next gen but this is the real meat of the series.  It fleshes out the roots in ways that make this fans mind very happy.

star trek

   If you get the opportunity go see this film, its fast paced, beautifully done and masterfully directed.  You won’t be disappointed I promise!


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