Facebook as a Real Social Metaphore 2

social wormsIt really pains me to admit this.  I seem to have fallen into that social group that has to check their social networking websites daily.  A very interesting phenomenon has caught my attention.  People whom you know or knew in the past,  initially accept your “friend” requests and then once they get wind of anything about you they no longer like they “DE-friend” you.  This is such a funny occurrence that it made me laugh and laugh once I figured out it was happening.  It’s not just an issue with myself. I have spoken to many others that have had the same thing happen to them.

I am not blatantly out to offend by any means but, I am quite the outspoken critic of organized religion.  So much so that I have atheistic catch phrases and blurbs on my social networking profiles.  This is usually the source of the tumult when it comes to folks that no longer want to be my “friend”.  I realize that my belief systems run contrary to the southern norms.  It just amuses me to see how small a box some people live in and how they keep the “big bad world” out of their lives by cutting off any hint of things that they don’t agree with.
I don’t blame the people themselves either.  It has never ceased to amaze me how many parents brain wash their youngsters into their own belief systems without ever giving the children a chance to form their own opinions or ideals.  Most of the people that have “DE-friend-ed” me were people I went to school with or people i knew from the different places I have lived. They were indoctrinated into such beliefs. People seem to be “pals” as long as  no ones pinion conflicts with the “moral majority” Most adults they find it easier to tune these kind opinions out.  Funny funny.
If you have any friends like this, take pity on them. They will probably never know what its like to break out of the confines of the little shallow worlds they have built for themselves.


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