College Admission Defeat

I myself have never been and never will go to college.  I am a FIRM believer that wanting a college education means only one of two things.  You are either a narrowcollege_recorddeal minded individual with grand aspirations of wealth, glory, and fame, or you are a gifted individual with the need to further your studies in hopes of acquiring a job in a vocational, business, engineering, or technical area.  I see no benefit in anything colleges offer these days for average Joe’s like myself, other than that elusive paper document that MIGHT get you more cash in your next dead end job.  That being said, my real target today is college admissions.

Has there EVER been a more elitist practice in this world?  To be told you are not good enough to even LEARN is pretty discouraging, don’t you think? All too often the college admissions process comes down to another human beings impression of you instead of your academic abilities.  That last bit is a gripe I have that I will save for another blog, another time.  How did we ever get into the position where one school is better than another thus compelling people to turn college admissions into a competition?  Did you read that? People are COMPETING to learn?  What a backwards premise. What a demoralizing prospect to have decent grades and be an intelligent person and STILL be told, “sorry your not good enough..well for US, anyway.”

When the institution of college was first invented it was intended to complete or improve upon the skills learned in elementary and high schools. It was suppose to refine and enhance what you already learned.  You could tell a person that had attended a “college” from one that had not.  These days that last statement is a joke.  Any jerk with enough cash or stamina to outlast the tremendous debt can get a degree.  I have seen too many of my peers waste their time and money on “degree” and come out making either less money than myself or being stuck doing something they hate.

I just feel that its become more of a game to get into and complete college and I think it’s a system in dire need of reform.  All people should be entitled to the SAME education if they desire it.  NO ONE should EVER be told that they are not accepted to ANY school teaching what they desire to learn, EVER.


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