Watch and Learn

dewitt206_2What does it really take these days to be an icon of technology?  Seems like now the flashier a gizmo is or the more expensive it is the more “important” it becomes to main stream techies.  Don’t you think?  We seem to have overlooked some of the most humble of devices in favor of more complicated gadgets.

Watches, I mean wrist-watches, are oft overlooked and highly useful tools.  I think we have lost sight of how important and available a writwatch really is.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry and I have great appreciation for the serious craftsmanship that it takes to make a precise spring and gear movement.  I think we all still take for granted the priveledge that it is to have a fine timepiece on our arms, and what a mark such devices have really made on our society.

Watches used to be the most important accessory in any mans wardrobe.  It seems like they have be relegated to novelty nowdays.  Take a moment and look at the watch on your wrist (if you have one) and just think what a marvel is really is and how you probably never saw it as such..until now.


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