I Think that I shall never see..tree

..a poem as lovely as a tree  (Joyce Kilmer)

I don’t ever remember as a child being filled with too much awe at the change of seasons.  It seems that as I get older the things I glossed over in my youth make more sense to me and mean more too me now.  This morning on my way into work, my youngest son and I were marveling at the beauty of the blooming trees now that spring seems to be starting.  Caelan has an elephantine memory and quickly corrected me when I mistakenly identified a few trees as Dogwood varieties when in fact they were Bradford Pears. I wasn’t mad, although children should not correct adults even when they are as blatantly wrong as I was. (its just a wee disrespectful, no?) Later in the day it just made me proud really when I researched and discovered he was actually CORRECT, but  I digress..

I have been thinking about these trees all day and the thought of them has really made my day better.  I just don’t think I noticed the seasons and the gorgeous tress and greenery when I was younger.   Its just nice to know that as we get older there are still so many things to appreciate and look forward to.  I feel pretty good writing this.  I should give a nod to my boy. You were right son.  They were Bradfords.  It seems its a bit early for the dogwoods, but when they come I’ll be ready.



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