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Movie Theater Etiquette is Dead or How I stopped loving popcorn..

Movie Theater Etiquette is Dead or How I stopped loving popcorn and will no longer be visiting movie theatres.


Ah, the magic of the silver screen! There’s nothing quite like sinking into a plush seat, popcorn in hand, and getting lost in a blockbuster. At least that is how it used to be. Lately, my moviegoing experiences have been anything but magical.

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the cost. Some folks argue that going to the movies is cheap if you skip the snacks. Sure, no one is forcing you to buy that $20 popcorn or the $10 soda, and that’s a fact. There is a reason for this. Those overpriced snacks are what really keep the theater lights on. Seriously, theaters make most of their money from concession sales, not ticket prices. If we all stopped buying snacks, we’d probably see many more theaters shutting down. So, while your wallet might thank you, your local theater definitely won’t.

Cost isn’t the only issue plaguing modern theaters. Let’s talk about etiquette—or the lack thereof. It seems like good manners are becoming extinct in the cinema. Picture this: I’m settling into a cozy recliner seat, ready to watch the latest blockbuster, and the guy next to me takes his shoes off. Yes, you read that right. His bare, smelly sock feet were right next to me. Unless you’re in a row by yourself or surrounded by friends who don’t mind, this is just not okay!

Then there’s the phone problem. When I went to see “Dune 2,” a middle-aged man kept turning his phone on and off to check WhatsApp. Full brightness, no shame. He spent about 60% of the movie glued to his screen. There are also the accidental rings during the flick. They tell you to turn the sound down ON THE BIG SCREN NOW and it still happens. This kind of behavior is incredibly distracting and ruins the experience (and money spent is thrown out the window) for everyone around.

So, what’s the solution? Maybe theaters need to step up their game. Imagine if every theater had a security guard or a call button at every seat. If someone’s being disruptive, hit the button, pause the movie, remove the problem, and remind everyone to behave. Ever heard of the Alamo Draft House? Just google it and read the stories. It sounds drastic, but if you don’t enforce good behavior, you can’t expect people to act properly. Alas, this is an unrealistic expectation. It will never happen and is really going to far to solve a problem that simply should not exist.

Lastly, the screens are terrible. I’ve been reserving my movie theatre in person visits to IMAX for a long time now due to the reasons i have already mentioned. But this one was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. My last visit to my local IMAX made my head ache. The screen was filthy! It had thrown food on it, stains, splotches of discoloration and more. I was so disappointed I nearly walked out. It seriously removed the last remaining reason (beautiful images on giant screens) for going.

Because of these challenges, I will NO LONGER be visiting in person movie theaters, even when they offer premium large-format screens and the latest megabudget franchises. It is my firm opinion that ALL of this is replaceable with a giant OLED home screen, even the booming sound if you have surround. I love of all things cinematic. You can ask ANY of my friends. I am still done. When you can’t keep your shoes or your phone off you know it’s time.

What are your thoughts on the state of movie theaters today? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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