Unintentionally Dirty Words 1

1. ramrod: A tool used to load early american rifles and modern cannnons.

“He shoved his ramrod up the barrel of the rifle.”

2. angina: circualtory or heart condition characterized by numbness and pain of the chest, shoulders or neck

“The boy’s mother was diagnosed with acute angina.”

3. masticate: to soften or reduce to pulp by crushing or kneading

“You might get gas if you dont masticate your food well.”

4. coccyx: the tail bone (part of the pelvis)Unintentionally Dirty Words

“My coccyx was extremely sore after I fell on my rear.”

5. philatelist: a stamp collector

“Our mailman is an enthusiastic philatelist.”

6. fallacious: tending to deceive or mislead

“Who knew the girl was so often fallacious?”

7. Uranus: the planet

“Uranus is bigger than Earth.”

8. organism: any living thing

“He was unsure what the organism looked like.”

9. pianist: anyone who plays the piano, generally used refering to a professional

” The boy grew into a fantastic pianist after many years of practice.”

10. rectory: usually referrs to th living quarters in a religious building like a catholic parrish

“The priest spent a lot of his time reading in the rectory.”

11.abreast: up to a particular standard or level especially of knowledge of recent developments

“He liked to keep himself abreast of developing situations.”

12. cockles: the core of one’s being

“She broke his heart, right down to the cockles.”

13. seamen: sailors

“The shipwrecked sailors became so ravenous they were forced to eat their fellow seamen.”

14. titular: of, relating to, or constituting a title

“Frodo is the titular character in the Lord of  the Rings book and movie.”

15. penalize: to punish or inflict punishment or penalty upon

“The cheerleading squad had to be penalized for their racy photos.”


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