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All natural woman All Hail Peter Paul Rubens!

All Hail Peter Paul Rubens!

I spend most of my day feeling like the rest of the world has gone loony.  A lot of things make me feel this way.  Today one in particular that irked me pretty good I just had to share with anyone reading this.  As I perused though the latest copy of my MAXIM magazine for men I realized that the world has TRULY lost sight of how utterly beautiful real all natural women are.

Fashion and show business are filled with a tiny unrepresentative sample of thin women and thin women,many times with artificial breasts.  That last part is not really what this is about but heck, thought I would throw that in too. This is absolutely absurd since the real world is filled with a much greater variety of  body shapes and sizes and, in my opinion, better, more beautiful real women.
Women should have hips and thighs and feminine curves no matter how a dress is cut. Let me be perfectly clear, I am not talking about having big breasts.  Well, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against good sized boobs but again that’s not my major gripe right now.  I am talking about natural and normal female body shapes even if that means having some fat.

Female bodies should be naturally smooth having their curves softened by fat. That is one of the facts of life that too many people try to deny. Women with no fat are not attractive, well not to me anyway. Women with no fat only appeal to photographers and gay men looking for a female that is not really too female, a tall thin boy to model their clothes or whatever else they are selling.

Look at how models stand. They cross their ankles. Weird. Why do they do that? Because their legs and hips have little real shape to them, only by crossing their ankles do they give the impression of legs that get wider at the hip. Have you ever stood with one hip pointing up and the corresponding shoulder pointing down? Very rarely. It is another pose designed to make a she-boy look like a woman, by exaggerating the curves on one side of the body at the expense of the opposite side. It works because the man’s eyes are drawn to the exaggerated curve side and they ignore the now very boyish side.

Fashion models do not do glamour modelling and vice verse. To be a fashion model a woman needs to be very tall and slim with very small pert breasts. Glamour models are generally significantly shorter and curvier. Glamour models look great naked but have to be careful how they dress. Fashion models can usually wear anything, and should, because they look better with their clothes on.  Far too many women these days are trying to lose weight who really shouldn’t bother.  If they are doing it to appeal to men in general they are probably wasting their time. If they are doing it for a specific man they should ask themselves if any man is worth punishing themselves for.  Being a different shape or size will not make you a better person, it will not, of itself, make you happier. Many women starve themselves into a different body shape and find that, to their amazement, they are still the same person, they have not become happier or more worthy of love or respect.  I am not alone. I am not peculiar. There are millions of men out there who think women should look like women, who see beauty contests and genuinely think the models would look better if they ate at a buffet once in a while.

My point is not that only big women are attractive. Women of all shapes and sizes are attractive! It is unfortunate our society is obsessed with an unnatural thinness, and we don’t see enough women of average size let alone larger than average size being portrayed as desirable. Normality and desirability should be a healthy range of sizes not an impossible goal defined down to a single ideal dress size or weight. Millions of women look at the images of stars the media call fat and promptly give up on the idea of ever being desirable, perversely the obsession with thinness is making women fatter. If you stand no chance of winning the game why should you be seen to be trying?
We need a lot more people with the courage to say that NORMAL womencan be spectacularly beautiful, despite not conforming to the Hollywood glamor fasaud.


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2 thoughts on “All Natural Woman

  • Clovis Chitwood

    Your damn right!

    I used to prefer the spindly thin look, but I finally figured out rib cages just aren’t attractive. The older I get the more I realize I like my women like my roads, with curves.

  • Charles Smallwood

    I agree! I think women should quit shaving their legs & armpits, too. Most guys would probably go gay then, and I could have almost anyone I wanted.