Some Painful Growths

Painful Growths

Oh how I love the joys of parenthood…..most of the time. I was a pretty young parent having a step son as soon as I got married and my first son within my first year of marriage. I never subscribed much to the school of thought regarding how teens drive you crazy. I still don’t lend that belief much credence. It is funny, however, how much they tend to make your stress levels go off the charts.

I want my boys to slow down and realize that they don’t have to accomplish everything they want to accomplish TODAY. They have time, plenty of time. I know some folks out there say that you should do all that you can as fast and as hard as you can because you never know if you will be alive tomorrow, BUT, I am not on of those thinkers.

Oh how I miss changing diapers and cuddling with them. YES I said it..changing diapers! Now it seems that I see them on their way out the door more than I see them at dinner time. It also feels like they have a lot of hate and while I am sure they don’t mean to they seem to focus it at me. Some of that is probably my mental state , but it sure feels real.

What to do, what to do? I guess ya just love them while you can and do the best you can and wait patiently for the days when they have their own families and realize what a job parents have. I think its only then that they will truly realize what a hard job it is raising, protecting and loving your children..


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