10 things Nerds Do on a Snow day 3

Here in the good old state of Tennessee it is a rare snow day to get any amount of frozen precipitation.  The last snow day that amounted to more than about three inches of the white stuff occurred in 2003.  That should give you some idea of what I mean.  Now, being a Tech Geek and proud, badge wearing computer Nerd, I decided to make a list of what myself an my buddies did today as we received over 10 inches of the white stuff.  Here goes :

1.  Used Remote Desktop Protocol to connect to our work PCs from our home PCs through our corporate Terminal Services Gateway server.
work snow day

2.  Helped stranded coworkers stuck in their homes connect to the
Microsoft Outlook Web Access Exchange Portal

3.  Use spare laptop with internal wireless card to connect XBOX 360 to your wireless router.

4.  Tweak DSLR camera ISO speed to take high resolution images of your snowy driveway.

photography snow day5.   Post numerous FaceBook updates on how much snow is in the general area

6.  Use Google to look up ways to make Ramen Noodles more “exciting”

7.  Set up a group chat room for the rest of the office gang that are working from home so it would feel more like everyone is together in the office.

chat snow day

8.  Loaded the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on your kids MP3 players

9.  Pay bills online

and last but surely not least,

10. Two Words MASS EFFECT 2

mass effect on a snow day


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3 thoughts on “10 things Nerds Do on a Snow day

  • aaaa

    10. Two Words MASS EFFECT 2

    Thats definitely three words…. or two words and a number…

    Ok I’ll shut up now. Good list. This year you could try reflashing your router firmware with DD-WRT =]

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