Mad Macs

I seem to be having an epiphany of sorts lately, learning how Macs work.  Yes I know I have one of those pretty often. Maybe as I get older I won’t have so many.  Moving on, I work on PCs in just about every way imaginable.  I do hardware repairs on them, upgrades, maintenance of all kinds, as well as installing and configuring many different software packages on them.  My full time job is doing tech support for a software company, a bit of graphic design and a good deal of web development.  When I am not there I run my own business building websites and doing consulting.

I have been doing this for better than 10 years now.  In all that time I have never had occasion to work on configure or even deal with Macintosh computers.  Recently I was asked by a client of my side business to help them configure their Mac computers to talk to some of their other windows PCs.   My initial reaction wasn’t one of joy or elation just to be truthful.  Frankly I have gone out of my way to avoid working with Macs up until now even turning down some past clients simply because they used Macs.  This time the customer was a long standing customer that I like very much and did not want to say no to.

I did a few days worth of research and printed some details out on what needed to be done and made my way over to their offices.  I found that working on the Macs wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.  The majority of the configuration truly ended up being required on the windows PCs to my utter dismay.  The only annoyance I found on the Macs was the lack of a two button mouse allowing for left and right clicking to get to advanced file properties and the weird positioning of the delete key on the Mac keyboard.
All in all I am pretty glad I was forced to start learning how Macs work.  I have my friends Brian and Liza to thank for that.  Maybe I’ll get a Mac computer and tinker here at home sometime.

…then again, maybe not since old habits really do die hard.


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