Mosque You Be So Ignorant?

Ok, there is some crap going on here in my state that I am both ashamed of and appalled at.  We have bible thumping ignorance running “hog wild” here.

Muslims have asked for permission to build a mosque in a Rutherford county here in Tennessee.  County commissioners gave their permission.  Once the community of this, so called, progressive college community, home to Middle Tennessee State University, got wind of the development, all hell broke loose.

Protests were set up and ignorance laced terms such as, “train your terrorists elsewhere”, and “we don’t want your al qaeda here” were shouted at innocents out of pure unadulterated ignorance.   These unevolved, uneducated, hateful members of the human race have the nerve to claim that they themselves are better than the perceived threats they are afraid of.  They are wrong.  Until we can see ourselves for what we are, scared little children, until we can grow up and stop hiding behind prejudices and hate, we will NEVER progress as a people or as a society.

I have really seen in the last 5 or so years how the level of violence has really grown from the so called “xstian” populace.  So much so, in fact, that I am really beginning to fear for my Atheist family’s safety.  If these communities can just rise up and become an angry mob that breaks the law (they destroyed the coming soon sign at the mosque) and spits in the face of intelligence then who is next?  This has to be without doubt one of the ugliest displays of religious intolerance in the county’s history.

I am ashamed to be a tennesseean at this point.  Hell, this makes me ashamed to even be considered a human being in the same race as these crazies.



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