Movies That Died an Agonizing Death on TV

There have been a lot of TV series that crossed over from the movies.  Usually the movies that spawn TV shows are pretty damned good.  In almost ALL cases the TV shows are horrible.  Story lines change or the actors are different (and often terrible) the sets are cheap and the writing is just atrocious.  Here is my tribute to the  Movie to TV crossovers that ended up as series purgatory …or worse.

Stargate (ALL)

Lets take a FANTASTIC idea about how life on earth was kicked up to the Nth degree by aliens in the guise of Egyptians.  I am sure all the ancient alien theorists that soaked their shorts when this movie came out, also altogether let out a combined groan when they think about what the TV series did to the story..rape is almost an appropriate word.

Planet of the Apes

Such fantastic franchise.  Such a suck-tastic flop on TV.  I was too young when the Planet of the Apes Movies arrived at the cinemas, but believe me, I have watched them ALL a hundred times in my lifetime.  I so wanted this TV series to be good.  Netflix this giant garbage heap if you must but be warned it has some of the WORST productionvalues ever. Think Starsky and Hutch meets a zoo…

Weird Science

What can I say about this steaming pile of cow dung.  It was awful.  Not one person from the original movie bothered to make so much as a cameo on this reprehensible excuse for a TV show.  It could almost pass as an animated series the way the actors seemed like they wer merely cartoon characters in the real world.  AVOID!


Immortals that gather after thousands of years to battle untill there is only one left.  What a brilliant movie.  Wait, if there is only one left at the end of the movie then ow the hell can there be a TV series.  High production values and decent acting in the TV series masked the twisted and inane writing.  This all only served to drag out this slow loser all that much longer.

so  thats my list..what do you think?


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