1986 A Fine Cine-Vintage

It’s no secret that I often find myself pining for vintage 80s stuff.  I feel more every day that my teen years were the greatest years of my life. I miss it lots.  I started listing the movies from the 80s that  knew by heart.  I don’t just mean the actors or the story but also the lines, the colors, the bad edits.  Movies I have seen over and over and over again.  Memorizing every little nuance.

An amazing thing popped up as a pattern right away.  Most of them occurred in 1986.  What a weird coincidence.  Appears that year was just a bumper crop of awesomeness.  (yep I used an 80s adverb)  Here’s the list, my all time fav movies from 1986.

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The Wraith 1986 – Charlie Sheen / Clint Howard
House 1986 – William Katt / George Wendt
One Crazy Summer 1986 – John Cusack / Demi Moore / Bobcat Goldthwait
Top Gun – Tom Cruise / Val Kilmer
Crocoldile Dundee – Paul Hogan / Linda Kozlowski
Ferris Bulers Day Off – Matthew Broderick / Mia Sara
Platoon – Charlie Sheen (again)  / Tom Berenger
Back to School – Rodney Dnagerfield / Keith Gordon
Big Trouble in Little China – Kurt Russel / Dennis Dunn
Flight of the Navigator – Joey Cramer / Paul Reubens
The Fly – Geena Davis / Jeff Goldblum
Heartbreak Ridge – Clint Eastwood / Mario Van Peebles
HighLander – Christopher Lambert / Sean Connery
The Hitcher – Rutger Hauer /C. THomas Howell
Howard the Duck – Lea Thompson /
Labyrinth – David Bowie / Jennifer Connelly
Little Shop of Horrors – Rick Moranis / Steve Martin
Short Circuit – Steve Guttenberg
Three Amigos – Steve Martin / Martin Short / Chevy Chase
The Transformers: The Movie, starring Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, and Orson Welles
Wildcats – Goldie Hawn / Wesley Snipes / Woody Harrelson / LL Cool J


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