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man bag  The whole reason I am writing this is because I wanted to talk about the subject of man bags.  Being an artist and also a computer jockey all rolled up into one means that frequently I have a lot of crap I have to carry around with me.  I usually carry a trapper keeper folder type gizmo and a laptop bag.  I would much rather use something designed for the job.  I mean if you have ever used a trapper keeper its meant for papers and the occasional pencil or pen.  Likewise a laptop bag doesn’t have much room for the various and sundry tools I need when I am working on a computer.  This brings us to my conundrum.  I think I would like a Man Bag!

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want to be caught dead carrying ANYTHING that looks like a women’s purse.  That being said my choices are pretty slim.  One obvious choice would seem to be a medium to small size duffel or more commonly called gym bag.  This might work well, but most duffel bags this size don’t have shoulder straps.  Those folks with PDAs and cell phones know the importance of having your hands free to text or look up info.  Another choice could be the atypical full on back pack or hiking pack.  This would work pretty well except for the fact that I would have trouble accessing stuff in the bag without taking it totally off . Getting in and out of cars with it would be a pain also.  Lets face it, your average backpack is pretty ungainly when you don’t have it, well, on your back.

That leaves me with only one choice, and it’s a choice I can live with, the proverbial messenger bag or man bag as some TV shows have dubbed it.  Most of these bags have a nice well designed shoulder strap, plenty of pockets and gizmo holders and they can be slung round on the back, hip or even tightened up close to the chest in crowded areas.  The real question is no weather I want one, because I do.  The real question is can I live with carrying around a man bag in my macho head.  Most of these things do look a LOT like a women’s bag.  I guess its’ something I am just going to have to keep deliberating for now.


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  • David Gledhill

    It is an interesting debate and one that is finally being aired in a sensible fashion.
    Realising how many gadgets I carry around I started the website: and have been delighted by the positive response.
    The day has finally arrived when we can carry a bag with pride without suffering the bigoted comments of those who choose to look like Michelin Man on a bad day with bulges everywhere or insist their wives/girlfriends carry everything for them.
    All the best