Fatty Boombalatty

Yes I am a big boy.  I have been large my whole life.  I have never much felt bad about it.  I could blame my parents or the environment or my sedentary lifestyle but all of that is bull really.  I am large because I eat a lot and have a desk job.  I am actually quite lucky that I have  both of those “ailments”.  Yeah I would love to get out and drop some weight by exercising, and not be such a fatty but that crap is HARD.


    Really I am too big and should do something about it.  Don’t get me wrong I am not so overweight that I cant get out and walk cause I have no trouble doing that. I am by and large (ha!) not affected adversely healthwise yet.  So I can get out and enjoy nature and malls and all that jazz.  Really the issue is that I like rich food and spend 10 hours a day in front of a blooming computer.

I can’t stand so called “health” food and don’t even get me started on this incredibly inane “organic” craze going on right now.  So its pretty hard.  On the other hand, I love veggies and fresh fruit.  There is really very little food stuffs that I won’t eat.  I love MEAT.  A great marbled steak or a juicy burger makes my brain swoon.

The bottom line and the real reason I am writing this is just to let anyone interested know that I am quite happy the way I am and if I ever get unhappy, well then I might change my ways.

I hope anyone reading this lives a long happy healthy life.  Cheers!


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