Music to my Ears : Quality over Quantity

MusicI am a self professed music and MP3 snob.  I love almost all kinds.  I believe that somewhere in my 120 GB collection I have every genre and every style of tunes one can possibly imagine.  I love collecting music.

Recently I had a pretty dramatic hard disk failure and it put my collection in serious jeopardy.  Luckily I have triple redundant backups of ALL my important computer files.

The last few days I have been spending some time gently loving and massaging my music by cleaning up and adding missing ID3 tags and making sure that the album art is embedded into the files.  Its a loooooong, tedious process.  I have made it through the letter N in my FULL ALBUMS folder.  I will probably be working on it all throughout the week.  It will pay off though because it will look and sound great on my music player of choice.

I noticed during this love fest that I was also really picky about the quality of music I have collected.  There was a time when I didn’t have a clue what a “bit-rate” was or why it mattered.  Now, I don’t care for the sound of any bit-rate lower than 192 kbps.  The ubiquitous 128 kbps is just too scratchy and tinny for me.  I actually prefer my tunes be at 320 kbps and a constant bit-rate not variable.  Look it up if you are reading this with a perplexed look on your face.

What this all really means is that I have a lot of great music.  My kids enjoy it, I enjoy it and its worth the snobbishness and effort.  Now, go love on your music collection.  Nuff’ said.


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