High Definition New Year’s Resolutions

High Definitly TVYou should already be aware of the impending transition from the outdated analog television signals to the current technology of digital broadcasting.  I can’t imagine that there is anyone in the U.S. today that has not been exposed to some form of media spewing the gospel of the “High-Def revolution”.  I for one am VERY excited about this.  Anyone who has not yet been exposed to the VAST difference in image quality that High-Def provides should run down to your nearest Wally world or Best Buy and do some comparing.

It really irks me when I hear people say, “I just can’t tell the difference so it really doesn’t help me any.”   I realize that some folks don’t have the best eyesight.  I also realize that some folks aren’t as finely tuned to visual details as others.  I get that.  It has been my experience that people just don’t take the time to actually compare the differences. They just assume that they fall into one of those categories and hence don’t care at all about High-Def.  Although I am not trying to convert anyone, I just want to address the fact that these folks often, over time, turn into detractors of the technology making broad generalizations accusing the powers behind television of “doing this only to make more money”.

It really comes down to screen resolution which I have blogged about before.  Just like more megapixels in a digital camera equals a better photograph, so it is with High-Def television.  If you like a big crisp clear computer monitor or crisp clear colorful photographs then you really should embrace High-Def with open arms.  It’s really a moot point weather you do or don’t, soon all TV will be high quality High-Def.


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