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   Well for those of you that live in a cave or that just returned from your years long trip to and from Mars, the United States so called ” National Day of Prayer” is May the 6th.  I am a member of a group here in TN called Secualr Life and the founder of that group, Thaddeus Shwartz was asked by the Nashville Tennesseean Newspaper for his thoughts on the subject.  I post his response verbatim here as I agree with this statement WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

It is not, nor has it ever been, our government’s place to encourage religious practices whether they be prayer, baptism, snake handling, or animal sacrifice.
    Our government was established as a secular government with a wall of separation between our government and the encouragement of religious practices. This is not just a Secular’s opinion but the opinion of the latest US Circuit Court ruling and our constitution.
    Just as protestant whites used to find it easy and acceptable to claim that America was a “white protestant nation” to the detriment of other races and minorities, so too do the religious of this country now pretend that they can claim we are a praying nation… we are not, the non-religious are a very significant and growing segment of this nation and we should no more be asked by our government to honor a day of prayer than a Christian should be asked by the government to honor a Wiccan ritual.

I also would like to leave you to ponder the deep meaning of the word Bigotry as it pertains to this situation just as easily as it pertains to race or creed.


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