Next Time Comcast Please Use some Lube

hate ComcastWell this is going to be short but I just wanted to rant a bit about Comcast, and how cable companies in general always seem to give you the shaft.  My particular story goes like this.  I bought an HD TV a year ago.  I immediately wanted the DVR to go with it.  Worked out great, all except my bill ended up going up 50 bucks a month.  I was able to eat that for a year but now I need to scale back.

I decided to return the DVR and just drop that service.  I went down to the office which was a pleasant experience.  They were polite and knew their jobs which I was kinda shocked to see.  The problem is I asked that they take off the DVR charge and since I no longer had a box hooked up to my high def TV ( we get a good clear QAM signal so I don’t need it) I wanted the high def part of my cable package removed also.  She said they could not do that.  They would take off the box and an extra equipment charge but my package is high def weather I like it or not now.  That’s the way all the plans are now.

Well needless to say I did not argue much because I could tell there was no changing this persons mind.  I walked away with a smaller cable bill, but not by as much as I had hoped and a sore feeling in the hid quarters.  Be careful what you change about your cable service because you can never go home.

..oh and Comcast, next time could you please use some lube?  Thanks.


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