80’s Music IS Back. Well, sort of

I watch a lot of late night TV and being the busy guy that I am, I usually pick up on new music from these shows. 80’s Music is back! I hear a great song and then go investigate the band and viola I find music I like.  Lately I have noticed what I perceive as a really sweet trend.  I am a child of the eighties.  That  high alto singing coupled with the electronic sound of what was then new synthesizers and sometimes a smattering of drums and heavy guitar riffs peppered in makes my day.  Seems like many of the new bands are dressing and making music that seems to sound a lot like the old eighties music we remember and love.  Here are 5 examples I painstakingly tracked down for your listening pleasure.  Have a listen and tell me what you think…


yea yea yeas

Vampire Weekend




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