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I think part of southern living is to love professional wrestling.  As a kid my mother was a huge fan of wrestling and often went out to matches and had a lot of pictures and autographs.  I wasn’t really into the sport but my brother was.  He and my nephews still enjoy it.  The news today that a pretty popular former pro wrestler that I had met several times really saddened me. Iin honer of my Mom and Brother I wanted to post a bunch of my favorite wrestlers then and how they look now.  I started writing this post quite a while ago.  Sadly, one of the wrestlers that will be pictured here is not with us any more.  The rest, in order to make my list had to be alive now.  Can you tell which is “then” and “now”? Check them out and I hope you enjoy.  I know I did.



This is a great resource for people like myself that would love to relive the past.  I should warn you though, its very sad in some ways.


R.I.P. Randy Macho Man Savage 2011



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