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This post is my own personal opinion.  Part of the beauty of having your own blog is the ability to state your opinion without worrying too much about the content.  That being said settle in because I have a story to tell and it may take a bit.
I will be the first to admit that I am not that nice a guy.  I have often been labeled a class A prick.  That’s fine with me.  I try not to carry my “prickness” too far.  I have met plenty of assholes in my life most of whom I can easily dismiss because I don’t have to see or deal with them on a daily basis.  I also feel that the people I interpret as being assholes are in some small part just a mirror of myself.  Then there are those folks that go beyond my level of “prickness” or “assholishness” and take being a jerk to an entirely different level.
About 10 years ago I needed a job pretty bad. I was coming off a 7 year stint at McDonald’s as a manager and was really ready for a change.  A software company in Hermitage took a chance on someone with no college degree and hired me.  This made me feel great.  Made me believe that there are still people in this world that really care and want to help others.  I came to realize after working there  that the owners of that company were somewhat wealthy having accumulated more money than I will ever see.  To go along with that cash they had an ego too, one that could barely fit in a school gymnasium.  I put up with their arrogance and condescending nature mostly because it was a good job and was NOT micky D’s.  It only took a couple of years to see that these folks were people users.  They made their money off others, liked to boss others around, liked to feel superior and all around enjoyed flaunting what they considered wealth.  I didn’t really mind as long as I was on the receiving end of some of their sharing.
I watched over the next 5 or 6 years as they used and discarded people like so much trash.  They would have friends as long as the friends didn’t disagree with them, or as long as their so called friends didn’t mind working for them.  Eventually these folks sold off the company, but not before they managed to screw up its financing, either by lack of fiscal understanding or just plain indifference.  I was pretty happy to see them go.  I hoped their condescending attitude and holier-than-thou aura would head off into the sunset with them.  It did for the most part.
I would see these folks from time to time as we shared several acquaintances.  I watched as more time passed and heard how new people worked for them and then got burned like I did, thinking these folks were really friends only to find out they were just users, ready to cast you off the minute they didn’t need you.  If you think I sound bitter you’d be wrong.  Honestly I couldn’t give a rats ass about these folks except for one thing.
Three years after they left the company, which I still work for incidentally, they still keep making our lives miserable.  The woman that they made the president of their company before they left was also their accountant.  Once the company was sold and they got off their asses and took a look at their finances, they decided some things didn’t look right to them.  In their gloriously overblown fashion they have leveraged their money and influence to somehow get this woman, whom I care about deeply, who has children and a family, who they vacationed with and called their friend, having her and her family come into their home, into court accusing her of stealing.
My anger with these folks only goes so far as in the end I really feel sorry for these people.  They will never have children and will never know that responsibility or joy.  They will never truly know happiness because wherever they go they will only cause heartache and envy.  They will reap only the same kind of misery they sow.  Maybe their one time accountant made a mistake, maybe she messed up, I don’t know, and don’t want to know.  What I do know is that that woman with her flaws is 100 times the person that her accusers will ever be.  No amount of money excuses you from being a human being.  They will learn that all too soon.  Witches believe that what you do to others comes back on you three times.  I can only hope that’s true..
Oh and if you want to buy some really overpriced books from a garishly overblown bookstore, in a really terrible location, or if you just want to stop by and spit in the eye of some really horrid human beings go here this is the bookstore they opened…JUMP.  I know, I know its an awful website.  The guy that runs the bookstore fancies himself a web designer but he’s not. Don’t pity them cause its a waste of good pity.  I hope they go out of business soon.


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  • Randy Nichols

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!