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     My name is Richard Jay Cooper. Everyone calls me by my middle name, Jay. I was born in 1973. I have lived in the great state of  Tennessee for most of my life. I am a Computer Tech, Web / Graphic designer,  Husband andME Father of three. I live in the city of Mt. Juliet with my Wife, Laura and have three grown sons.

    I have held all kinds of jobs.  I started working part time at the age of 14.  I have been a grounds keeper at a cemetery, digging graves, a fast food manager, and a convenience store manager. My present position is at a large business services firm working in their software release management team.

     I love all art. I am especially fond of classic painters like Dahli, Vangogh, and Monet. I love to draw, and design using the PC. That’s why I like web design. I listen to almost all Genres of music from classical, to some country tunes. If I had to pick a favorite style of music I would have to say its heavy metal. I like watching old 80’s cartoons, SciFi and Horror T.V.  I consider myself a card carrying MOVIEHOLIC! I like to quote lines from my favorite flicks. Just try me!

     I used to consider myself a steadfast and very conservative republican. These days both Republicans and Democrats, in my opinion, seem out of touch with the average joe. I can’t stand all t he “big brother” crap the republicans push as law, nor do I care for the flood of debt that democrats tend to cause.  I lean pretty hard toward Libertarian tendencies, but I despise religion.

     I am vehemently, wholly, and diametrically opposed to ALL organized religions. It is my educated opinion that the majority of the evil committed in this world is done so under the guise of any number of religions. Neither I nor my children attend organized religious ceremonies. We do not celebrate the religious aspects of holidays, nor do we pray. You have to admit though that christmas is a pretty hedonistic holiday showcasing much of the hypocritical side to religious beliefs.

That is me. This is my blog.


About JayCooper

Puzzled WebWizard from Mount Juliet Tennessee. Married for 25+ years to a wonderful wife with three grown sons.

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