Basically they should Outlaw Basically

outlaw BasicallyToday I would like to rant a bit about the overused term basically.  I think they should outlaw basically. Seems like everyone from late night talk show hosts to politicians uses the term basically as a crutch or a filler word.  They need to STOP NOW!

We have a beautiful language.  The English language has thousands of words that roll off ones tongue with grace and fluidity.  I basically want everyone to stop murdering the language.  Basically this is our heritage we are talking about.  A gift that has been basically handed down from one generation to another that should basically be preserved.  Instead, we basically abuse it.  It is basically torture to the ears.

There are so many descriptive words that people can use to speak in a beautiful, meaningful way. You might be surprised if you stop and explore the extent of your own vocabulary, and the fact that you don’t use it for your own benefit. We all probably know the meanings of many words, but we don’t employ them in our speech or writing.

My theory is that basically is just one of those words that we use to “sum things up” or to say “well you should get it, its so simple I just explained the whole thing to you in English!”

So please, for the LOVE OF PETE, try to find some sprightly alternatives to the term BASICALLY. User your mind and come up with better more meaningful adjectives.  Basically, I am saying NO MORE BASICALLY!

Update : Since originally writing this post I have come to realize that there are many other words and phrases that are just annoying filler that we should all stop saying also. I was just saying, and another thing, heads up, and on and on. Let us all strive to do better.


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