People usually fake enthusiasm, but not me.

fake enthusiasmPeople usually fake enthusiasm, but not me. I am a realistic thinker. Many of my friends see me as a negative person. I get very tired of telling them that I am NOT in fact NEGATIVE that I am thinking REALISTICALLY.There may be circumstances where delusional thinking may make one happier than realistic thinking, however there are things in life that are more important than happiness, such as facing problems and solving them instead of being deluded about them.

Although I argue that realistic thinking makes things better, that doesn’t mean that I believe that reality is good or that it will ever be perfect. Our world can be good and it can be bad and it is both. Men will always be able to choose between good and evil, and there will always be some who choose the latter, there will always be new natural disasters and new ways of coping with them. There will always be new diseases and new cures developed for diseases. Our personal lives can always get better and always get worse. Our loved ones all must die someday on the other hand hopefully while they are alive they will live good lives.

This is the price of life. My argument is not that the price doesn’t have to be paid but rather that generally the more realistic we are in our thinking the more we can make the world a better place and the more we can be happier.




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