Computer Maintenance Truths

I am super tired of seeing these info commercials about Computer Maintenance that claim your PC can run as fast as it did the day you bought it just by installing and running their software.  I am choosing to leave out any specific names but all you have to do is watch a bit of TV from about 9:00 AM till about 4:00 PM any day of the week to run into one of these ads.

First off, lets be perfectly clear, the more programs you install on your PC and the more data you store the slower the PC will run.  This is NORMAL and there is NOTHING you can do to prevent this.  The plain fact is that eventually all PCs slow down somewhat.  There are many maintenance steps that can be taken to prevent this from being dramatic and problematic.  ALL these steps can be done without laying out one red cent of your own money.

Do these things on a regular basis and your computer can run as fast as it will ever run barring you don’t encounter a nasty virus or install some malware or spyware.

– learn to partition your hard drive using windows and make a separate partition for your important files such as photos and scanned documents.

– remove old files that are temporary or useless.

– check your computer registry for duplicate or old entries and clear them

– defragment your hard drive on a regular basis

– keep windows and your virus scanner UPDATED at all times

Do these things and your PC will run quick as it can and you will be saved a LOT of headaches.


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