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Those of you that know me know I work in an industry that requires quite a bit of graphic design, logo development, graphic manipulation and all around artistry.  I enjoy this tremendously and get a kick out of seeing others enjoy my work.  I also really enjoy it when clients get involved and help develop a design.  Its a great feeling in the end when a client sees their design and points out how it incorporates their ideas and thoughts.  To this end I wanted to chat a bit about computer monitors and how they now impact your life like never before.

People who do not work on computers for a living or who may not have a lot of interaction with computers in their job may think that computer monitors do not affect them.  Folks that work on computers all day long day in and day out may feel they already know all they need to regarding computer monitors.  Both of these assumptions could not be farther from the truth in my opinion.

These are some of the observances I have found regarding computer monitors.  I have come to these conclusions based on my friends, family, and work at my company and work with prospective and current clients.  These sum up what I believe your computer monitor says about you and your personality.

1. “I have a Cathode Ray Tube also known as CRT monitor”

This can mean many things, but there are about three statements that sum this up.  People still using CRT monitors are not heavy computer users. These folks may have sight issues such as wearing glasses or being color blind, in which case the high resolution provided by other monitors is not needed.  These folks may also be somewhat stubborn, resisting the energy and space savings provided by other monitor types preferring to stick with the “tried and tested” technology.

2. “I use an LCD also known as Liquid Crystal Display monitor”

This usually means that you use your PC for a lot of graphically intense applications.  It might also indicate that you have only recently purchased a PC since these type monitors are the standard now.  Then again, this could just mean your a super geek like me and wanted the newest energy and space saving technology around.

3. “My monitor is pretty small, under 17 inches.”

You are either on the verge of getting a new computer or once again you have resistance to change.

4. “My monitor is pretty big, 17 to 19 inch”

You have a newer PC that came with the monitor.  You may do some gaming and need a larger screen. You might also have eyesight issues that require larger icons and text.

5. “I have an enormous monitor, 19 inch or larger”

You like the bleeding edge of technology. You are a super geek and bigger is always better.  You are an avid gamer and you do quite a bit of graphics work on your PC.

Keep in mind these are some pretty broad generalizations and opinions of me alone but they seem to fit most folks I know.  Feel free to let me know if you agree or not!


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