No doubt, now that the holidays are drawing to a close and the new year is upon us, people will begin spewing out their ridiculous new years resolutions.  I hate resolutions.  I feel they are worthless.  I had a boss at a job I worked long ago that actually gave me a piece of advice that I have quoted and used well for many years.  As a manager, you should never set a person up to fail.  That’s what resolutions mean to me, failure.  Since new years resolutions are peoples attempts to help manage their lives I think it fits.
In honor of my feelings and beliefs I would like to single out vegetarians.  I don’t personally know any, but I read enough propaganda from their masses that I thought I would add a little of my own.

And now for a few anti-vegetarian facts:vegetarian

–  there are no vegetarian Lions in Africa nor sharks in the sea (contrary to what bleeding hearts might tell you)

–  given the choice your pet would rather eat meat (feel free to put it to the test)

–  consumption of red meat and fat throughout our evolutionary past is the primary reason humans developed thier large brain size.

–  The International Atherosclerosis Project found that vegetarians had just as much atherosclerosis as meat eaters. (Lab Invest 1968 18:498)

–  there is no society in the world that is entirely vegetarian

–  The Director of the National Museum in Iceland says that it is definitely established that for 600 years, 1200 to 1800 in Iceland, there were no dental cavities. The foods they ate were milk and milk products, mutton, beef and fish. They ate no carbohydrate. The only exception to this was a little moss soup in summer, but this was a rare “fun food”
of little nutritional importance. The Sioux Indians in the states lived on buffalo meat and were devoid of cavities. In stark contrast prehistoric Indians of California were Vegetarians, unlike most folks of that period, and they had severe tooth decay. The Pueblos worshiped the Corn God, but he was not grateful. They have the most wretched teeth of all the American Indian tribes… They lived on corn, squash and beans.


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