Windows 7 Impressions

Being a card carrying computer geek means that you are obliged to try most new tech and report to your buddies your impressions.  More  often than not this is not a really fun task.  You install software or upgrade some hardware and usually advise your pals to hold off till things either improve or progress to a usable state.

I am happy to report that this is NOT the case with regards to windows 7.

Windows 7

    Having used win7 on my personal laptop for well over a month now, I took the plunge and updated my main desktop also yesterday and it has been nothing short of miraculous.  Were I a religious person, I could almost hail this as the second coming of Microsoft.

If you want BLAZING speed, an intuitive interface that you will absolutely love, and USEFUL tools that have been missing from the windows experience then this is THE operating system for you.  Its as close to perfect as MS has ever come.  Boot time is much shorter, speed is almost double what Vista was and the new interface makes almost every task a joy.

I encourage EVERYONE still using XP to update.  Vista users wont see as big a difference but for them the interface tweaks will make all the difference in productivity.

Happy holidays!


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