Oh How I Love Trains

I didn’t have a fantasy, storybook childhood.  I know lots of folks had a tough early family life but damn it this is my blacktrainanimatedblog so I am the important one.  Well, right now I am anyway.  One of the best memories I have as a child are of when my grandparents would come down from Indiana and visit for a week.

My grandfather, Harry Cooper, was a train buff.  He would sit and talk with us for hours about all the types of trains and which were famous and what they all did for the country.  Originally it was my younger brother that found a real love for trains especially model electric ones, but as the years have gone by its been a way for me to connect with a man that in many ways was the only father I ever knew.  I have developed a deep love for trains and their history.  Hell who doesn’t like a train.  Its a big machine and lets face it people are fascinated by huge machines.

I thank my grandfather for introducing me to trains.  He took me on my first train ride. My grandpa has been dead now about 11 years now. I still love trains.  I am always on the lookout for a great train to take photos of.  We went to Chattanooga a while back and i got some great shots of some cool old trains.  I hope one day to take a long scenic train ride through the mountains.  Maybe Ill get there one day.


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