Angling Idiocracy

It’s pretty cold here right now.  The temp is barely getting out of the 30s, which is not far from normal for this time of year in Tennessee.  I say this just to set the mood for this post.  I am not an outdoors man.  As a matter of fact my butt rarely ever leaves the narrow confines of my computer desk chair.  That being said, I had a few friends try to extol the wonders of fishing in this fine weather.  YES FISHING!Angling Idiocracy

            Now, I don’t pretend to understand human nature completely, but I feel I am high above average when it comes to quietly working out what thoughts must pass through someone’s mind causing them to behave however they behave.  On this though, I can’t even fathom what has to go through a persons mind.  Fishing to me is about the lowliest and boring pass-time there is.   I have tried it.  I have gone fishing with friends, and family and the only feeling I have ever come away with afterwards is how utterly happy I was that it was OVER.  I mean you have to put bait on a hook dangle it in front a not so bright animal and hope that it bites, and then haul the damned thing up, just to toss it back.  I mean come ON.  That has to rank right up there with car racing.  You jump in your car and speed as fast as you can, IN A CIRCLE, OVER AND OVER.  The stupidity of this is almost comical.

            I am not saying my friends and family are stupid.  I am saying the hobby itself is stupid.  I can somewhat understand the desire to go out just once in your lifetime, on the ocean, on a warm day and angle, as the call it in the ocean fishing world, for a giant.  This thought process I get.  However to jump up at 3:00 in the morning just to hop in the car, and drive to a cold, dirty, polluted lake shore to catch a tiny inedible fish (or not as in my case on nearly all my fishing attempts) makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


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