Summer is Awsome..if You are not a Computer

Summer is great if you are not a Computer. I was thinking today about the things we seem to do during the late spring and early summer months at my house and it occurred to me that people, on the whole, ignore their PCs during the summer months.  They play outside, they go swimming, heck some folks even CLEAN. It seems to me that at this time of year when the temp is the highest most folks seem to neglect the old computer.  So as the helpful kind of guy I am I thought I would drop some of my own favorite summer computing tips on you and hope it rubs off.  Here goes…

 not a Computer

Open your computer case and CLEAN OUT THE DUST!!!!!

– use a can of compressed air and spray off the CPU cooler (that is the hunk-o-metal on top of your processor)

– use the canned air to hose off the fans

– clean off the memory sticks

Turn off your PC in the hottest parts of the day (if you can)

– some folks leave their PCs on 24-7, that is fine, but of you don’t actually use it during high noon, turn it off

Unplug those big fancy Dolby / THX speakers

– they give off a ton of heat suck energy big time.

Tie up and organize that Gordian Knot behind your desk.Computers are kind of like fine wine, they need air to breath and be the best they can be.

– loose cables and that squid like mas of tangled cables can lead to reduced airflow and a shortened PC lifespan.

Clean your KEYBOARD!!! (yes that sticky, dirty, crumb infested drink receptical that you push the letters on)

– unplug the keyboard from your computer

– Turn it key-side down and SHAKE

– Use a mild detergent on a damp cloth and wipe down all the finger grime and ick

– let it dry thoroughly

Now go, don’t forget your PC this summer. Give it the love it needs and deserves.


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