12 Ways to Know you are NOT a people person

people personI know its been a while since I posted. Please forgive me. busy job busy life makes one healthy, wealthy and blithe right? I am not really a people person.

I ran across an article that I found amusing and wanted to share. It didn’t quite fit totally and was someone overly long so I have cut it down to a nice digestible list for all of us.  It made me chuckle because it definitely fit me. Maybe it will fit you too.  Enjoy!.




1. Every day is just exhausting because you KNOW you have to deal with people.

2. Your personal hell consists of people who constantly try to make conversations with you.

3. Your aspirations for life are very different than anyone else.

4. You actively avoid the memes / fads others follow.

5. Your taste in music reflects a dislike for social norms.

6. Elevators make you nauseous but not because of the motion.

7. Interactions with sales people, cashiers, or clerks of any kind give you nightmares.

8. Faking a smile is easier than people constantly asking if you’re OK.

9. Your normal facial expression is often interpreted as being angry.

10. On a Saturday night, you have to choose between being social or reading a book.

11. You have no trouble coming up with a list of people you would punch in the face if you could.

12. If you had to work a retail job, you would definitely get fired.


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