Virus Names That Make Guys Chuckle

virus warningI like to try and keep this blog firmly in the realm of Geekery.  I hope this still fits the bill as it deals with science.  I was bored one day and happened to run accross a virus name that made me do a double-take because I thought there was no way the name could be real.  Well it was real and it made me take some time to find others like it.  Put on your childish man-boy hat and prepare to GIGGLE!

Some of these I was able to fiond more info on others were so complex no good web pages existed to give a decent description of the virus.  most are harmless to people.  I will admit the links are boring so click at your own risk.

Clitoria Yellow Vein
Coxsackie A
Groundnut Crinkle
Humpty Doo
Manduca Sexta
Slow Bee
Woodchuck Herpes


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