10 ways to know your wife REALLY, REALLY loves you

01. She picks up your dirty clothes that you leave on the floor like an overgrown childwife peaspod1

and never says a word.

02. She comes to pick you up in her car when you have locked your keys inside or if

like an idiot you left them in the office.

03. She brings you pain meds without asking when she sees you feel bad.

04. She sends you email jokes to cheer you up at work when you are having a hard day.

05. She cuts out restaurant coupons and puts them in a little envelope AND wither

brings them to you at the office or quietly leaves them in your car where you

can find them.

06. She brings dinner to you in the living room after a long day so you can watch

the news in peace.

07. She cooks stuff you know she really does not like, like spaghetti, because she

knows you do.

08. She runs your lunch out to your car when you are on your way out of the

driveway because you were a moron and forgot it as you left the house.

09. She wakes you when you forget to set your alarm clock so you are not

late for work.

10. She overlooks the fact that you are pudgy, overweight, grumpy, out of

shape, pretty damned ugly, sarcastic, set in your own ways, stubborn,

crude, smelly, childish, arrogant, meddlesome, moody, really not that funny,

as a matter of fact usually just plain silly, dull, boring, selfish and anything

else I am missing.

They say you often take for granted the things that are right in front of your eyes. Many times you forget that the ones you love are beside you every day experiencing the daily struggle and small triumphs of life. I dedicate this post to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. One that I cherish and love now more than ever. Please keep in mind however, that this list could also describe your wife, so be nice and buy her something nice today.

We do OK don’t we baby? Your husband loves you!


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