Oscar… the Grouch

oscar statueThe Oscar awards show last night were a JOKE!  I feel they were so out of touch with reality on so many levels.  My friend Mike warned me to stop watching award shows.  Mike I think I will now buddy.  Here are just a few of my gripes this year.

I feel some large glaring mistakes were made. First, The Dark Knight SHOULD have been at leastnominated for best pic. Secondly its a shame that Grand Torino wasn’t nominated for anything not even best director. Clint Eastwood was VERY powerful in that flick. On top of all that, somehow, Milk beat Frost/Nixon. Penelope Cruz managed to beat ALL of the other supporting actress nominees, who in my opinion ALL dwarfed her performance in both power and depth.

Oh and don’t even get me started on that crud fest they call slumdog millionaire..what a joke. So yea, I feel the Oscars are getting further and further out of touch (with reality).


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