Stupidity of the Third Kind

I have been standing on a soapbox for years screaming out to all that would listen how stupid it is to live above your means.  Too many of my friends are in over their heads and now that times seem to be getting pretty tough they seem to be cracking under the pressure.  Is it me or did people get dumber last year than in years past?

In the world where image means more than integrity I laugh and laugh at all the news stories about people loosing their houses in the “housing credit crunch”.  I don’t doubt that there were MANY unscrupulous bankers and lenders that lead the sheep oof the world down the wrong paths.  But PLEASE people can we be realists for just one moment? In the end we all have no one to blame for our financial mess but ourselves.  If your house note is as much or more than one of your two monthly paychecks and you don’t find that a problem then you fall into the morons-r-us club.  Every member of the morons-r-us club shares in the blame for this ass backwards money problem we seem to have wriggled our selves into.


I am sick to death of hearing all the sob stories.  The bottom line is this: when you live above your means, and image means more than your long term happiness then you don’t deserve a house or a car or even to be considered a part of the human race.  You belong to the morons-r-us club.


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