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I have heard it said that what makes a conservative superior to liberals is their religious faith—as if morality is impossible without religion and everything is indeed permitted, as the cliche has it. I wonder whether religious conservatives can spot the atheist among them by their deeds or, for that matter, by their political positions. I very much doubt it. Skeptical conservatives do not look into the abyss when they make ethical choices. Their moral sense is as secure as a believer’s. They do not need God or the Christian Bible to discover the golden rule and see themselves in others.


Skeptical conservatives—one of the Right’s less celebrated subcultures—are conservatives because of their skepticism, not in spite of it. They ground their ideas in rational thinking and (nonreligious) moral argument. Conservative atheists and agnostics support traditional American values. They believe in personal responsibility, self-reliance, and deferred gratification as the bedrock virtues of a prosperous society. They deplore the encroachments of the welfare state on matters best left to private effort.

Most Christians are not only social conservatives, but demand that their values be imposed on others as well. This is completely incompatible with being a libertarian. Believers have a strange desire to evangelize others in the hope they will become Christian, and to not let their children interact with anyone not acting like a Christian. That is an authoritarian point of view not compatible with being Libertarian.

I consider myself a proud conservative, libertarian atheist.  Where social issues are involved I would indeed be closer to a Democrat’s views. From an economic/political perspective, I am much closer to conservative Republican views. I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage,  pro-gun, pro-evolution and anti-religion. I am for small government and anti-terrorism, but I am also anti-death penalty.  I admire Reagan and Lincoln and think Carter and Obama are the worst presidents in the last 100 years.


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  • Paine


    I have FINALLY found a Conservative t who is not a Little Baby Jesus Lover!!!


    I recently reconverted form Christianity after a life long drug problem (I got **drug** to church every time the doors were open) and have not found a flock of my own kind yet.

    I went over to ExChristian and those folks are worshipping at the altar of Liberalism and refuse to see it as just another group to join to feel good about themselves.

    The only thing I don’t agree with you on is the death penalty. I have dimmed my lights to save energy for the deep frying of many a hardened criminal.

    But other than that subject which NEVER comes up hardly…….YAY! Another soul like me !!!!!!

    For as big as the Internet is, there is a dearth of Libertarian Atheist/ ExChristian / Freethinkers

    Ya know where I can find a Conservative/Hold the Jesus forum ??? I need some place to hang out!

  • JayCooper Post author

    Wow! Long time no see dude. I miss the old forum style websites sometimes too. Its just not the way of the world anymore. Your welcome to hang with me here! Friend me on FB, Kr0Mag (Glenn) is on there and so is Jim.