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I am very lucky to have what I consider a true friend for every stage of my life.  I am also very lucky in that I have somehow, through the buzz and blur that is life, always managed to keep in touch with my buddies.  My Wife and constant companion for the last 18 years is of course exempt from this post, since she is my ultimate best friend and confidant.  I felt like this was interesting to share since after I thought about it long enough I came to realize that I seemed to make great friends at almost every key stage of my life.  Maybe you can relate and maybe just maybe you are lucky enough to be one of the folks I am talking about here!

I don’t suppose too many people can say that they had a friend in kindergarten that they still hang with today.  I am proud to say I have just that.  Although we went through a period of almost 7 years where we lost touch, I am happy to say that we reconnected recently and will try not to let so much time pass between form here on.  Now he has a lovely wife and baby girl that I hope to see more of real soon.

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In high school I had several buddies but one in particular kept me laughing and hanging in there.  We shared a love of 80s tunes and a passion for Dungeons & Dragons . After high school graduation we even worked together at local McDonald’s for a while.  We drifted,  as friends tend to do, but once we got settled with our families we reconnected and still talk and hang today.  He now has a wonderful wife and a gaggle of kids that are a hoot to hang out with.

Speaking of the golden arches, that is where I met my young adult to mid life pal of pals.  We met working a burger prep table laughing at the odd songs of the mid nineties.  I will forever remember the way we first got introduced.  He asked if I knew what the strange chorus of the enigma song return to innocence meant when the old Indian sang.  “I like Sheep big and small he said”.  I laugh my ass off about that even today.  We both work in the same industry today and still hang out often.  He and his Sweetheart of a wife, have a daughter that calls me Uncle Jay.  Its like the Daughter I never had.

And so we come to my latest job, where I have met a new com padre, someone that I am only starting to really get to know personally after almost 10 years of working together.  He is an accounting and numbers whiz, so I hang out with him mostly hoping that his logic powers will rub off on me.  Just kidding!  Really, he and his Adorable wife have have teenage boys also so we share teenage angst stories all the time.

As you can see I am an undeservedly lucky human being to be surrounded with such great friends.  I hope you have a circle of friends that you cherish also as I cherish mine.

see ya!


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