10 Reasons It’s Hard Being a Geek in the South

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I have lived in the south my entire life.  I knew at a pretty early stage in life that I loved computers and all the things about computers.  There was a time when I loved art and graphic design more but I have graduated past that.  Being a geek also sometimes called a nerd, in the south is a tough thing.  More people than you might think still don’t have computers.  The ones that do have them own off the shelf crap that they bought at the new fangled Wal-mart that just got built in their town.  I jest of course, I have yet to run into a person that is so dense they don’t realize they know nothing about PCs.  Most down here know they lack in computer skills or knowledge and are perfectly willing to pay someone like myself to deal with all the little details.  Just as long as they can surf the web and do their school work on their machines, they are pretty happy.  With all that being said, here is a list I thought you might enjoy of common questions that come up more often than I like related to southern geekery..or not.

1.  No you don’t need real tools from Ace hardware to “build” a web page

2.  Hard drive is not referring to the directions or roadways you must travel to where your computer is.

3.  People cannot get information from your physical credit cards, the ones in your wallet, unless you type the numbers into your computer.

4.  Amount of memory in your computer does not refer to what you yourself recall from your own mind.

5.  The “address” of your computer is not the same as your house.

6.  A “URL” is not your uncle from Birmingham.

7.   The “WAN” is not the new Chinese joint on the town square.

8.   Setting up a router does not mean going out to your garage for your woodworking kit.

9.   No the computer “monitor” is not watching you all the time.

10.  SPAM is not good, its bad..


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