Horrorscope today

I am not a religious person at all.  On the other end of the spectrum I don’t believe in magic or hokey fringe stuff like clairvoyance etc etc. What I do enjoy is seeing how utterly wrong “astrologists” usually are when predicting what I term a Horrorscope.  There are odd times, however, when the darned things seem tailor fit to you and or your mood. Weird huh?  Here is mine from today and it summed up my day up till now spot on..

You can’t be afraid to be a Doubting Thomas! Dissent is a necessary part of making thing better, so you can’t keep quiet if you see problems in a plan. Nothing is quite as it seems, so anyone who claims to have a cure-all is full of baloney. Ask them a few pointed questions, and you will quickly reveal them to be wrong. A wrong idea is still a wrong idea, no matter how powerful the person who thought it up might be. You’ll be doing them a service by pointing out their mistake.



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